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In this section we want to give you an overview of everything you need to know before coming to NBS or applying for our programs/courses. If there are any questions left open, feel free to contact the International Office – we are happy to help. 

Exchange Students

If you are a student who is immatriculated at another university and want to come for one or two semesters, you are an exchange student. If you want to know whether your university is a partner of NBS check out our list of current partners. We are always interested in expanding our network of partners. You can also come as a freemover.

NBS Northern Business School is part of the Erasmus program. "Erasmus" stands for "European Region Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students". Among other things, this program is there to simplify the international exchange of students within the European educational environment.

The program was developed in 1987 to foster the cooperation of European universities. Key components are the recognition of course achievements and the financial support of the exchange students.

For more information please see the Erasmus+ Charta of Higher Education as well as the webpage of the European Commission.

It is possible to study at NBS Northern Business School even if your home institution does not maintain a partnership with our school – those students are called "freemover". This variation of a study abroad requires a greater effort from the students since they have to organize the trip and get all the information they need themselves.

If you are planning a semester at NBS and your home institution does not maintain a partnership with us, please feel free to contact our International Office in order to discuss the steps to be taken together.

Guest Auditors

If you are not currently a student at another university but still want to visit some of NBS' modules, you have to register as a guest auditor. You need to hand in the Registration for Seminars as well as the Application as Guest Auditor. If you have any questions concerning the application process or your stay in Hamburg, please contact the International Office.