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International cooperation and networking are very important to us. The International Office at NBS Northern Business School is the "place to go to" when it comes to international affairs and inquiries from abroad. The office works on the establishment of new partnerships and serves as a point of contact for incoming and outgoing students. We are here to support you in all organizational matters or with any problems regarding your study abroad. 

Feel free to reach out with any questions you have concerning international relations or a semester abroad. If you are thinking about coming to NBS, ask for a skype meeting with the International Office to get to know each other and to get your questions answered.

We are happy to have you and happy to help!

Dr. Phil. Rüdiger von Dehn
Head of International Office

  • Research relations and international partnerships
  • Consultant for semester abroad


Ines Koch, M.A.

  • Support for international students and visitors


Eva-Maria Reiners, M.A.

    • Consultant for semester abroad