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German-Finnish-Port Day 2019

Lübeck. It is not everyday that students have the chance to ask their questions directly to the persons in responsible offices. As part of their lecture in European Economic Law, the master degree students in Business Management of the Northern Business School in Hamburg, NBS, had the opportunity to meet the Minister of Justice, European Affairs, Consumer Protection and Equality of the federal state Schleswig-Holstein, Dr. Sütterlin-Waack at the German-Finnish-Port Day 2019 in Hansecity Lübeck.

The Minister welcomed the opportunity to talk to the NBS-students from Germany and Latvia very warmly and talked about the priorities inside the European department of her house. "The combination of European affairs together with Consumer Protection and Equality is more than reasonable because of the many interfaces between those topics. Especially in those areas that are important for the success of the European Union and for the harmonization of the standards of living inside the European societies, it is crucial to create and exercise the same conditions for everybody in all of the European regions", the Minister said.

The students learned a lot. "The German-Finnish Port Day was impressive in every respect. The event showed the importance of the trade in the Baltic Sea Region for the whole region and all its countries which is only possible because of the European Union and its common trade policy", cheered John Wagner, one of the German students.

"There is no better place than this German-Finnish Port Day to see how the achievements of the European Union spread their effects from the municipalities, to the counties, to the federal states, to the national Member States of the EU, to the Baltic Sea Region up to the European Union. Here you see representatives from ports, cities, regions, states, countries and even from the EU who cooperate intensly to be stronger together in the global competition. The young European students can experience the EU with their own eyes", says the lecturer of the class for European Economic Law and Research Fellow at the NBS, Mirko Schönfeldt and continues "This event and events like this that make people talk with each other and not about each other would not be possible in the same way without the European Union". It is again the merits of Honorary Consul of the Republic of Finland in Schleswig-Holstein, Mr. Bernd Jorkisch, that the event had such an outstanding personal profile.

Another student, Veroni Kurczynski added "It is unbelievable to see with ones own eyes how many people on executive level from nearly everywhere work together for a common and successful Europe. And those decision-takers gathered here under the attentive eyes of the Minister for European affairs of Schleswig-Holstein and the Ambassador of the Republic of Finnland, H.E. Anne Sipiläinen". Again it was John Wagner summing up, what all students nodded their heads yes to: "The highlight was definitely the exclusive meeting with Minister Dr. Sütterlin-Waack", because it is not everyday that students have the chance to ask their questions directly to the persons in responsible offices.