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Prof. Dr. Jürgen Sorgenfrei (director), Dr. Mirko Schönfeldt (research fellow), Prof. Dr. Michael Stuwe (research fellow)

Research focus

  • Transnational micro- and macroeconomic analysis
  • Foreign Trade in Northern Europe
  • Analysis of economic and political relationships
  • Logistik & Supply Chain Management

The INER Institute of Northern-European Economic Research is a research institute of the Northern Business School in Hamburg, NBS. It executes the task of analyzing and documenting the economic relationships in Northern Europe in order to analyze their influence on the future development of Northern Europe, as well as highlighting their influence on European and global competition.

The Northern-European future-region is characterized by a high level of cooperation between the countries. That is necessary to create a common future together.

The INER is therefore looking very much forward especially to cooperations and common projects together with Northern-European partners from science, economy, politics and society.