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These terms and conditions apply only for visiting international students (two semesters or less). For all other purposes and applicants, the general terms and conditions on our German language website apply: 

1. Study contract and tuition fees

In the framework of the implementation of the courses, the service provider of the lectures, classes and other teaching events associated with the courses and other services related to study is the NBS gGmbH. Enrollment takes place if the necessary conditions are met and places are available. The regulations of the NBS University apply in their respective valid version. The tuition fees for all courses are due in advance at the beginning of the courses or in monthly installments. Deviating payments require a written agreement.

2. Cancellation notice period

Provided that a participant begins a new program at the NBS, he/ she can opt out of this in compliance with the cancellation notice period of at least six weeks before the start of the course. If this deadline is complied with, a processing fee of € 80 will be charged, unless the contract partner can demonstrate that the herein invoiced reimbursement of expenses is not incurred in this amount or in a considerably lower amount. For a later cancellation, the semester fee will be charged unless a replacement participant is available. The maximum number of participants is set in the specific regulations of each study program. These rules do not apply if the participant has exercised his/her right of withdrawal.

3. Program change, relocation or withdrawal

We exclude liability for slightly negligent breach of duty, unless damages are affected from injury to life, limb or health. This shall not affect the liability for breach of duties the fulfillment of which allows the execution of the contract and on whose compliance the customer may generally trust. The same applies to breach of duty by our agents.

If the rented teaching spaces cannot be used for reasons that are not the fault of the organiser, the organiser reserves the right to relocate or postpone the course location in accordance with the participants or to repeat the course (part) later.

If the teaching provider cannot execute the course due to illness, the NBS reserves the right to employ another at least as qualified teacher and/or, after consultation with the participants, to repeat the course (part) later.

4. HVV SemesterTicket

All students enrolled in NBS full-time programs, including visiting students, receive a SemesterTicket for the areas ABCDE of Hamburg’s transportation system (HVV) for each semester of their stay. We charge the cost without surcharge at the beginning of each semester. The cost of the SemesterTicket is determined by the HVV. Replacement tickets in case of loss are subject to charge.

5. Data storage

By registering, the participant agrees to the processing and storage of personal data for purposes of the study program and examination process. A transfer of data to third parties is prohibited.

Status: 05/2019