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We welcome incoming students from Europe and all over the world. We are happy to have you and are looking forward to jointly shape the increasing internationalization and globalization of the world we live in. If you want to know more about studying at a University of Applied Sciences, take a look at this brochure from the German Academic Exchange Service.

There are three ways for international students to study at NBS:

Regular degree-seeking students want to come to NBS for a whole study progam. Since we do not offer study programs that are fully taught in English, you need sufficient German language skills in order to finish your whole studies at NBS. Please find all necessary information on our German website.

If you are a student who is immatriculated at another university and want to come for one or two semesters, you are an exchange student. If you want to know whether your university is a partner of NBS check out our list of current partners. We are always interested in expanding our network of partners. You can also come as a freemover.

If you are not currently a student at another university but still want to visit some of NBS' modules, you have to register as a guest auditor. You need to hand in the Registration for Seminars as well as the Application as Guest Auditor. If you have any questions concerning the application process or your stay in Hamburg, please contact the International Office.

Study Programs

It is possible to apply for a semester abroad or as a guest auditor in all our study programs or even take modules/courses from several different programs. Please note that only some of the modules are offered in English and most are held completely in German. Additionally, the module descriptions of the German courses are only available in German language. You will find more information about the language requirements here.

Currently, we offer modules in these study programs:

Undergraduate Level (Bachelor Programs)

  • Business Administration (B.A.) – Currently 6 modules in English
  • Security Management (B.A.) – German only
  • Social Work (B.A.) – German only

Graduate Level (Master Programs)

  • Controlling and Finance (M.SC.) – Currently 3 Modules in English
  • Real Estate Management (M.Sc.) – German only