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Click on the question to see the answer. If not all of your questions are being answered, feel free to contact our International Office.

NBS welcomes all international students. If your home institution has a partnership agreement with our university of applied sciences, please talk to your International Office. Freemovers should check out the selection criteria of NBS.

The summer semester starts on 1 March (classes usually start around 15 March) and ends on 31 August of each year (classes and exams end 31 July).

The winter semester starts on 1 September (classes usually start around 15 September) and ends on 28 February of each year (classes and exams end 31 January).

The registration deadline for the modules is 1 February for the summer semester and 1 August for the winter semester of each year.

If you are a Erasmus student your home institution must nominate you before you can apply to NBS. Please talk to your International Office.

Please find all necessary information in the section about the application process.

NBS Northern Business School offers lectures and seminars from different courses of study: Business Administration (B.A.) with various specializations, Security Management (B.A.), Social Work (B.A.) as well as Business Management (M.A.) and Real Estate Management (M.Sc.). Each course of study consists of many modules which you can choose from. Most of the courses are held in German, some are held in English. For more information, please go to: Courses in English or Courses in German.

The costs you can expect vary depending on whether your home institution is a (Erasmus) partner of NBS or not. Generally, each module you select from a Bachelor program costs € 485 per semester and each module from a Master program costs € 675 per semester. Students from partner universities often don't have to pay these fees. The mandatory student season ticket costs approx. € 178 per semester.

The costs you can expect for living expenses (accommodation, food, insurance, etc.) can be estimated at approx. € 830-1.030 (this can vary a lot depending on your lifestyle).

Yes, every student coming for a whole semester receives a student season ticket for the public transportation system (HVV). This ticket costs approx. € 178 and is not optional. 

Finding a place to live is never easy in a big and popular city like Hamburg, so you should start looking as soon as possible. Check out the section about accommodations and our collection of helpful links for some tips and information.

Whether or not you need a visa depends on your country of origin. European students don't need a visa, others might. Check out the visa section for more information.

The most important criterion is the level of your (English and/or German) language skills. Furthermore, your home institution may have its own selection criteria for outgoing students. For more information, please check out the section about selection criteria.

You don't necessarily need to be able to speak German when coming to NBS. If you only want to select courses that are taught in English, you don't need to know any German (even though it will help in your everyday life). If you want to complete your entire studies at NBS and receive a degree from NBS, advanced German language skills are required.

For more information, please see the section about language level.

Whether you can obtain credit for the modules you want to register for in Germany depends on the program and your target degree at your home university. Therefore, it is necessary to talk to your home institution before enrolling at NBS to make sure the modules will be accepted as part of your regular studies. For more information please see: Transfer of Credits (ECTS).

To find out whether your home institution maintains a partnership with the NBS, please see the list of our partner universities.

The International Office is there to help with any questions or problems concerning international affairs.