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How much you have to pay for your studies abroad depends on your "status" (e.g. whether you are an Erasmus student or your school is a partner of NBS) and the time model you choose.

The total cost for the studies at NBS Northern Business School is composed of the number of modules you want to select and a "HVV-SemesterTicket" (student season ticket for the public transportation system of Hamburg for students in the full-time model):

Tuition (Full-Time Study Program)

  • € 485 per module from the Bachelor programs (except Erasmus students)
  • € 675 per module from the Master programs (except Erasmus students)
  • + Public Transportation: approx. € 180 per semester (not optional)

Tuition (Part-Time Study Program)

  • € 350 per module from the Bachelor programs (except Erasmus students)
  • € 505 per module from the Master programs (except Erasmus students)

You may select a maximum of six modules per semester. Each chosen module costs € 485 (Bachelor) or € 675 (Master) in the full-time study program and € 350 (Bachelor) or € 505 (Master) in the part-time model. You can either transfer the total fees due prior to the course start, or pay in four monthly installments (due on the fifth of each month beginning at the start of each semester). In addition, the HVV-SemesterTicket costs approx. € 180 and is not optional for students of the full-time model. It has to be paid at the start of a semester (by 15 March or 15 September).

If you come to NBS as a regular student for a complete study program, please find all information about costs on our German website.

Scholarships can help to finance the studies at NBS. E.g. the "Welcome to Germany" scholarship by Care Concept (English information at the International Office) or many scholarships by the German Academic Exchange Service.

NBS Northern Business School is part of the Erasmus program and is therefore constantly forming new partnerships with universities all over Europe. For the participants of the Erasmus program the tuition fees of NBS are not applicable.

If your home institution signed an Erasmus partnership agreement with NBS, you can apply for the program in order to come to Hamburg. Please contact your International Office for further information.

Our current Erasmus+ partners are listed here.

In addition to the Erasmus partners, NBS Northern Business School maintains partnerships with other universities around the globe. Please contact your International Office in order to find out specific agreements between your and our school.

Our current partner universities are listed here.