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Whether you can obtain credit for the modules you want to register for in Germany, is decided by your home university. Therefore, it is necessary to talk to your home institution before enrollment at NBS in order to make sure the selected modules will be accepted as part of your regular studies. Before coming to Hamburg, the work you will be doing here should be defined in a learning agreement. Please contact the International Office of your university. At the end of your stay in Hamburg you will receive a transcript of records.

Students are awarded a number of ECTS Credit Points for each course they complete successfully. One ECTS is roughly equal to 30 hours of work. For detailed information about the content and credits of each module, please see the module descriptions. Any questions concerning the examination process can directly be answered by the examination department. The assessment of examinations takes place according to the scheme of linear and percentage grading.

Please always keep in mind: Even if you may not be able to obtain credit for all courses taken in Germany, the international and intercultural experience of a semester abroad is of an enormously high value for your future working life and your personal development.

If you have to write a scientific paper as an assignment/exam in class and are unsure how to do so, please check out this information with some tips for you.

Please note: International students have to "play by the same rules" as all other students when it comes to the examination process (this includes the dates of all exams). 

In general, the examination dates must be checked within the first fourteen days of your stay. Individual exam dates are not possible.